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Final price is based on size of the cake, complexity of the cake base design, colours, complexity of the buttercream flower arrangement, and any additional design details.

Please fill an inquiry form or email me at with desired design elements for an accurate quote. 

Every cake is carefully handcrafted and therefore unique. 

A. Choose cake base design

Colour options are not available for Plain, Semi Naked cake, and Concrete bases.

For all other designs please indicate your main colour(s) in the inquiry form.

B. Choose buttercream flower arrangement

Below are some of my favourite buttercream flower arrangement locations. 

If a specific colour, hero flower (main flower in the arrangement) or seasonal theme is desired, please mention them in your inquiry. If unspecified, the flower type in the arrangement will be baker's choice.

Common types for hero flowers are: Roses, Peonies, Chrysanthemums, Dahlias, Calla lilies

C. Choose other custom elements

Cakes involving 3D objects and figures require at least 1 week notice.

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