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Cozy Oven Cake Shop is a Toronto-based online custom cake shop with custom buttercream cake and cupcake offerings specializing in hand-piped buttercream flowers and hand-sculpted cake toppers.

About Joy

Joy is a full time biomedical illustrator. She is also the baker and cake decorator of Cozy Oven Cake Shop. She currently lives in the wonderfully vibrant and diverse city of Toronto, Canada. When away from the natural habitat of her kitchen, you may find her jogging through the city, watching sports documentaries, or experimenting with other creative mediums.


How cozy oven cake shop started

Cozy Oven Cake Shop began as a humble baking blog called ‘Joy’s Cozy Oven’ in 2010. The blog fostered her obsession with decorating cakes and cupcakes. In 2015, buoyed by the encouragement of friends and family, Joy decided to turn her obsession into a side hustle. Things have been flavourful since then; she now makes cupcakes for friends' weddings to multi-tiered cakes for new clients.


Joy is Food Handler Certified in the province of Ontario, Canada.


If you want to work with Joy for your next special event, send an inquiry here

Read reviews by clients here.


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